Words do a tap dance in my head,
I wonder who tutores them –
incredible dance moves they are.

Beautifully incredible are each move they make,
I wonder when dance lessons would teach me
how to do what words do
and how they do them.

Words dance better than man.

Men are at mercy of words
as the war turns messy.

If words could freestyle
like they do,
I wonder when I’d do my dance
unashamed and unchained.

Words twist and whine
as waists stand and stare
in awe.

If I could live a day as a word,
am sure I’d paint the world in beautiful hues of mine.

Words do a tap dance in my head,
wish I could dance to its tune;
wish I could unlock my calmness
and go wild –
doing the word dance like
words alone can.

Words and dance
dance and words-
what union?