…yet another departed.

Every second someone somewhere stops breathing.

Like a dream. It happens.

Life ends.

The loved ones of the departed are left behind to wail.

They are left with a vacuum that can never be filled with any other human.

They are left to ask questions that one cannot answer.

With the last of their strength they utter salient prayers to the heavens. They bare their hearts to whoever cares to listen.

They curse. They grind their teeth against their teeth as words refuse to be said.

Have you tried consoling a bereaved wife whose eyes have swollen and become bloodshot as a result of constant cries?

Have you tried consoling a bereaved younger sister to the deceased, one who got injured in her bid to see her brother’s corpse?

Have you tried consoling a younger nephew whose wedding would be on a Saturday but his uncle died a day to the wedding?

Have you seen a once vibrant young man with vigor and stamina sit lifeless after been declared dead by doctors?

After all the wailing, prayers, questions, tear rain and assumptions life for other people continues.

Death, a respecter of nobody.