Salon Gossip

There is a saying that, wherever women are gathered; amebo, gist abi na gossip is in their midst.

I am in this salon trying to add artificial hair to my natural hair. It is not a taboo (:pdoh:p ‪#‎gestures‬ with the hand), this lady walks in with two bag.

I am thinking she is a marketer.

‘wetin she wan sell?’, I ask myself.
Every one in the salon turns towards her with piercable eyes that can undress a person if given more than a minute.

Anyways, she didn’t mind the eyes, am guessing she is used to it because she didn’t act like she cared. I like her.

Am guessing that in her mind she would be saying, ‘make them look jare, na God win’.

Well, our ears and eyes open as we wait eager to hear what she has to market or say as the case maybe.

‘Who’s in charge here, I wanna make my hair’, she says in her silky but beautiful voice (If I were a guy or a ….well let’s leave it at guy).

An attendant walks up to her, beckons on her to sit. She did.

She says, she wants to retouch her hair, then fix it.

The attendant points to a corner and says to her,

‘madam, go that side, make we start’.

She gets up, makes to carry one of the bags. The attendant tells her to keep the bag on her seat while she goes to begin the hair.

The lady shrugs and says to the attendant,

‘my kits are in it’.

She made to open the bag as all eyes follow her, curious to see what kits she talks about.

She bring out a relaxer, a glove, shampoo, conditioner, some hair treatments, combs-a big one and a small one, hair cream and pink oil.
Then a towel.

Hian. Hygiene.

She brings out more hair abi na salon utensils like needles, black thread, hair spray.

Looking at the attendant, I see her mouth wide open (am wondering what’s on in her head).

Well, to cut the long story short, she retouches. Brings out her weavons, makes her hair and takes her leave.

I am still sitting here. Braiding shaaaaaa.

Guess what happens in the salon?


Maureen Alikor

I am Maureen Alikor, a creative thinker, a writer, an advocate for love and purposeful living. I believe the pen has a role to play in promoting social change; an activist lending my voice and my experiences towards putting an end to rape and sexual abuse in the world. What are you living for?

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