There are some movies you watch that touch you deep down in the deepest parts of you.

Those movies that make you sit back and watch your life in a powerpoint-like presentation, showing your life in retrospect and your life as at when you are thinking about it and your anticipated life or choice of living.

Those movies that really get you thinking about the dreams you had yesterday, and the life you are living at present and the vision for tomorrow that you have.

Those movies that make you ask yourself a life question most of us have been dodging and acting like it doesn’t matter but in the real sense it matters and it scares us real hard so we act and live in denial of the goddam truth. What if we just die.

What would you do if you knew you had 90 minutes to live.

Those movies that teach you things you didn’t know and reminds you things you knew but have taken for granted.

There are those movies that break you and fix you right back.

‘The Angriest Man in Brooklyn’ is one of those movies.

I watched it. And yes, I was angry.

The movies felt like it was sent specifically to minister to me or pass a message across to me.

The movie revved up my zeal to be happy and live life one minute at a time.
The movie made me remember some principles I employed years back that worked magic in my life but overfamiliarity with those principles made me relent in following it through. So I pushed it aside.

The movie made me realise that anger gets to apoint where you can’t even tell someone you love them without getting angry.

The movie reminded me that the past is very selfish, and never willing to let you go. It always wants to tie you to its apron till you intentionally break the chain or chord that held you two together.

I watched the movie, I loved it.

You should watch it too.

And yes the question.

If you knew you had a day to live, what would you do with your last day on earth?

What is stopping you from doing those things?