Busola is tied firmly to the chair. Her tears refused to stop flowing ever since she was brought into this room filled with the stench of hate in all of its harshness.

Looking around, she sees her white gown roughly handled and stained with her own blood after her abductors tried chopping off her index finger.

She remembered the last time she saw the sky in all of its glamour. She was headed to St. Peters Church. But now here she is, unsure of her fate, unaware of who her abductors were, she so desperately wanted to know why she was taken but her abductors have refused to say a single word to her.

She wondered where her hearthrob was?
What was he doing?
How about the guests?
oh! her mum would die.

Struggling with her thoughts she dozed off.

Tari has been being a man ever since the news of the abduction of Busola but niw he wanted to be a woman and cry out. He broke down in tears wailing uncontrollably.

He was standing close to the Priest who is becoming impatient. Ndifreke, the best man is seen fiddling with the phone but wearing a very anxious look of expectancy.

Men and women sitting in the pew glance at St. Peters entrance every now and then to see the bride march in. Yet the door remains shut.

Just then the door is flung open and Hauwa runs in crying. She announces the abduction of the bride by unknown gun men, St. Peters is thrown into confusion as men and women run amok in their quest for answers brewing in their hearts.

Mr. Ajayi and his guards walked into the uncompleted building which housed a blindfolded Busola.

One of the guards uncovered the blindfold, as Busola opened her eyes, a gun was pointed to her forehead. As she peered into her father’s eyes, she was struck dumb with shock and disbelief.

As she made to open her mouth, he tore her clothes, pushed her to the ground and violated her. Like a mad dog he went on and on, deaf to the cries of plea from his daughter.

Satisfies, he pulled her up; reminding her of his final words when she said she would marry Tari with or without his consent, in spite of the tribal differences.

Like the psycho he has proven to be, he pointed the gun to her chest and fired sending the bullet into her heart.