All forms of abuse should be frowned at and even punished , even if it comes from a woman.
Lately, I am hearing about more domestic violence than I can stomach.

Why will a woman slap a man?
Why will a man slap a woman?
I just don’t get it.

Has the frustration and depression so pushed people that they have become irrational and uncultured?

Whoever is secretly selling the lie of “show them the stuff you are made off ” is selling fake product to them. But because they ain’t thinking with their heads but with their hands, they would choose to abuse people.

I wonder what had become of us.
Many that front as feminists today are just plain man haters and weaklings who have chosen to hide behind and beneath the feminism umbrella just to perpetuate their unruly and poor character exhibition.

There are still ladies who are feminists who I can vouch for their stance on feminism. These ones understand what it is all about and I respect them.

But my disgust is targeted at those ones who don’t just get it. They perpetuate all manner of atrocities hiding behind the umbrella of ‘feminism’.

I pity humanity. We have so fallen as regards standards, yet we claim to be in the 21st century.
We carry ourselves and allow our hand to slap someone. KAI.

Many people are slapping and beating and hurting and hating. Both genders are not exempted.

Pathetic and painful and distasteful.


Maureen Alikor

I am Maureen Alikor, a creative thinker, a writer, an advocate for love and purposeful living. I believe the pen has a role to play in promoting social change; an activist lending my voice and my experiences towards putting an end to rape and sexual abuse in the world. What are you living for?

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