I have witnessed the pains of instances when two people began a relationship with fire and in a few weeks or months it sizzled down to the nothingness of zero. Initial plans get shoved and a maximum pile up of selfish emotions gets blown out of proportion.

13391575_891325594326470_4924303568331664549_oI have seen blames of being too clingy or needy heaped on the one who cared so much and struggled to make it work.

I have observed how lackadaisical one of the two becomes when they feel that the relationship is tiring and lacking of fire.

And i ask myself;
1. Why do people get tired so easily after the initial gra-gra?
2. Why is working to make it work now a threat to couples?
3. Why is disbanding relationships more prevalent than working it?

I arrived at a conclusion:

In a relationship, the one who cares less about the relationship dominates; while the one who cares so much about making it work, suffers.

It is so sad that the media now dictates to us how relationships should be handled. We rule God out of it and think we know better.

It’s either you both work it out or you review the relationship, time wasted can’t be regained.
Stop wasting your partner’s time and make it work or release them from the shackles of hope.

I keep singing it that what fails to be addressed in relationships will get carried over into matrimony.

I am not a love doctor or relationship shrink, but I know relationships, I know a lot about it and how it operates, and my friend @gentlemenhood keeps teaching me daily.

You work to get paid, you burn late-night candles to pass exams and you must solve questions to arrive at solutions….so why can’t you sacrifice and make your relationships work?
Why choose to be on the greyzones where the ostrich buries its head in ignorance?

Come on people, worth is relative. It’s a two-way street and it requires work.
Work with your partner and show them you care.

-Hanamel Kingston Onyx is a voice.
I am just a fellow in pursuit of happiness and a place in this world.
I am surrounded by a ball of principles and not a partaker of trivialities. I thrive in well thought out and researched bigotry and Abhor uncreative minds. I am a social media influencer and spend my time writing topics that boggles the minds of captivated readers. If you ask me what irks me, I would say stupidity and mediocrity.

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