Some are stars
who only give their light at night.

Some are a combination of the sun, the queen of the day
And the moon the grandmaster of the dark.

They shine brighter than the constellations
and though they sit still
their legacy screams louder than drums,
and tambourines,

Some are wombs
Who birth unbiological children,
Yet in giant strides teach them the art of living
and the act of growing up.

Some are soaked in the mud of wisdom
yet lie prostrate in the pathway of humility

She is a combination of wits,
And purpose,

She is an icon
A living legend
And model for some,

She is a beauty
Who shines within
And without the spheres of age,

She has a beautiful heart,
A smile like no other

Her steps are graceful
And her heart and devotion to God, unequalled.

Happy Birthday Mummy Julia,
The mother of many
With a heart wide enough to accommodate.

She is it all
With a touch of her unique awesomeness.