Hey you, did you know that infidelity is no longer the ONLY reason why girls break up their relationships with boo or bae as the case may be?

Popular belief insinuates that the only time a person should end their relationship is when the other person cheats on them.
But contrary to that belief system, it has become worthy of note that INFIDELITY is no longer the leading cause of break ups, separation and even divorce.

Many relationships have ended and I hear people sit by the fence and make statements such as,

" ha ba, he didn't cheat, she should not have ended it",

I also hear them say, "... that reason does not justify her decision to break up"

Some also say, "I'm sure she has found someone else, that's why she broke up with the previous dude".

And many times, I look at this people and wish I could walk up to every single one of them and tell them that their assumptions are usually 90% percent wrong.

Times have changed, humans are evolving, minds are beginning to open, enlightenment is becoming the order of the day and women are not being left out in these advancements being experienced in various aspects of life.

Below are some other reasons why women end their relationships.

1. Purpose :
It is dawning on almost everyone, the importance of purpose to life and living, so many ladies will have nothing to do with a young man who has no idea of why he is on earth and what he is doing about the reason why he is alive.

A man without purpose is a directionless man. A man who has no idea of where he is going or how he intends to get their.

So, my dear brother, find your purpose before finding a sister, so you don't lead her astray and into a life of frustration. Because, she is supposed to be a help meet for you, what will she come to help if you are not doing something with and about your life.

2. Sense of humour :
I understand your need to always look serious or feign seriousness so you would not be taken for granted by people, but now that you are a man, your seriously squeezed face will not be the reason why you wil be respected and feared.

Take time to work on your face, have a sense of humour, don't always be on an edge as if you are in the office with your boss. This is a relationship and this too much seriousness, who has it helped? ( asmy naija family will put it, " who seriousness don epp?")

3. Be expressive :
When you are in a relationship with a lady, she wants to jnow how you feel, she wants to be sure that your feeling did not expire last night while you slept or while you were working in the office, she wants to make sure she is still relevant to you and your life.

So, she might be needing your reassurance every once in a while, she is not like you who might not mind, she minds.

When she asks you, " do you still love me?" , it is not because she is beginning to doubt your love, she just wants to be reassured. Don't become all edgy and stony that you become irritated and angry with her for even daring to ask.

Be more expressive, tell her, show her and don't stop showing her.

4. Give her space :
While we always want to court the attention ot our dearly beloved, we also need spaceeeeeeee. Sometimes, we don't want you too clingy, too sticky and too all in our business.

This can be tricky if you study her well, you will know when she wants to be left alone.

5. Be friendly :
How do you cope with not being friends with people, I know you may say you are an introvert but even introverts too have friends. You can build the ability to be friendly with people.
Smile more.
Be kind.
Help people.

6.Respect her and her opinion:
I hear people say men are suckers for respect, and that they will go a long way to be respected by all especially their women.
Respect they say is reciprocal, women too are to be respected.
If as a man you have issues respected a woman or her opinions just because she is a woman, then you are most likely seeking for a dissolution of what you are tryin to build.

7. Be a reader :
Gone are those days when people just walk around earth with empty brains, these days books are coming back to take their position of leadership and who best should drive the train of these new phase of leadership but for a reading person.

Develop the habit of reading. A reader is ten times more informed than a non-reader
Women are suckers for intellectual satisfaction, I don't know which woman who has plans of being a world changer who would choose to have a man who doesn't read as her co-pilot.

8. Balance your life:
Dear men, a lot of things are calling for your attention and if you are not careful, you will be encumbered with the responsibility of attending to all and you'd not be able to bring a balance to all of them.

Women want a man who knows all that is important and how to balance each one without letting one area suffer.
Your family, job, friendships, relationship, purpose and ministry should be balanced.

9.Know and have a one on relationship with God:
In spite of all that is happening in many relationships and marriages lately, those who are building a relationship with their maker find it less stressful to handle relationship matters.

Reason being that, God is the author of relationships and he sure shows us how best to get it right.
I am not saying that you should know God and not work at making your relationship better, but knowing God and what He says in the scriptures gives you an edge over the person who doesn't. You are thought the correct best practices of relating with human being first in Galatians 5:22-23 and 1 Corinthians 13.

11. Be secure :
Insecurity is topping the list on reasons why relationships are breaking.
Don't become such a person that monitors the any and every cough that she coughs.
Don't suspect every Tom, Dick and Harry that she waves at.
Don't suspect every call she makes or receives.

Be territorial over what you have and love but don't let it lead or push you into taking some unhealthy steps that may backfire.

12. Be trusting and trustworthy :
The place of trust in a relationship cannot be over emphasized, trust is very vital for the success of every relationship.
Trust your partner and also be trustworthy, don't give her reasons to begin doubting your words.

If she finds out you don't trust her, or that you are not trust worthy, she is most likely going to move on; without you.

13.Be generous -
Again I say, give.

Relationships are about giving. We give our time, our attention, our affection, our advice, our resources, our compliments, and so much more.

If you are just a taker who doesn't give, you are most likely to lose a good woman.

14. Be willing to make sacrifices:
This is self explanatory. Once you venture into a relationship, it is no longer about you alone. Make allowance to go out of your way to do certain things and take steps that proves you value them, or you are showing her the way out of your life.

15. Be supportive:
While she does all she does, you should be her number one cheerleader.
You should avail her all the necessary support you can give her.

Let's talk.

In your opinion, what are some other reasons that can break up a relationship whether a marriage or a dating/courtship relationship?