The image above hit my screen on instagram @maureenalikor feed this morning and it sure got me laughing. Of course, after a few minutes of laughter, it dawned on me that this Rwandan player just happened to be a scapegoat of an agelon football tradition, if I’m allowed to put it do.

Who is foooling who?

First, let take a look at it. The player in question should not take the fall for a combine crime that everyone partook in committing.
This is a crime we have fashioned a name for, which is “football age”.

This is a totally different age of a footballer from the main age in their birth certificates. Ya right.
Since I wad born, till now I am growing old, I have always heard the term ” football age”.

Let us all not act as though this is the first time we are hearing the terminology.

We are humans and oftentimes than not, we tell petty lies about our age just to be accepted or ommitted from something. We lie to skip responsibilities and also lie to acquire responsibilities.

In football, the age bracket for most footballers in African countries is different from those in Western countries. We should not pretend that we are not aware of the difference in biological and hormonal growth and development in these two varying world.
We should also not forget the climate difference, the economic and the feeding difference in both.

Now, looking at the age on the image above, you’d hear Under 17, for God’s sake, this is Africa and from the look of things we virtually copy most of what the whites do and based on the boundaries they have set, we make some decisions. THIS IS TRUE, WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT.

So, when they set their age or rule for a competition and you hear Under 17 championship, we Africans and even some of them don’t stick to the age they have set.

Now, back to the Rwandan player caught, his case is taken this serious because he was either caught on camera or heard by another ear who is new to the football age thingy.
He was suspended because he dedicated his goal to his wife and three children. I hope the Rwandan football federation will not stop there but take a step further in apprehending and suspending every other player that played this prank.

The Rwandan football federation should also take a certain fall for this innocent guys blunder. This goes to show that they didn’t carry out proper screening before including the player in their team.

So you see, while the Rwandan football federation is trying to hide their face from the public disgrace by suspending the player, they shouldn’t forget to punish themselves for their gross INCOMPETENCE.