I made a Facebook post asking friends if they could plan their wedding with 500k(  Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only) (follow link http://HERE

And one of the comments really cracked me up.

His name is Brian Okpara. Read what he has to say

“Please take your calculator, follow me as I make them easy for you and your about-to-be spouse. Trust me! It won’t even be up to 50k.


-A set of one carat diamond wedding rings from Jumia (Black Friday Price): N4000


-Cost of hire of fairly used Aba made wedding gown:N3500


-White high heels from Dealdey: N3500


-Four yards of black material for black suit at N700 per yard: N3000


-Tailor Workmanship: N3000


-Starched white shirt from Yaba Market: N1000


-Men shoes from Ikeja: N2500


-Groom: Use your old tie: (N0 need to buy new one)


-12 inches of Remi Brazilian Hair: N7000

-Ozone Relaxer: N150


-Bride Accessories (Old ones)

-Hairdresser charges: N1700

-Groom Haircut: N300


-Best Man- Freestyle with old suit Abeg!


-Freshly plucked hibiscus flowers as bride bouquet: N0 need wasting money on that


-Bridesmaid dresses for a train of three- freestyle (On Your Own)


-Bridal Makeup DIY: You can do it!


-Bridal train makeup DIY: OYO!


-Cost of bulk sms as wedding invites (100 sms for 100 guests): N300

-Just hire your car from relative or friend


-Decoration(Balloons & ribbons): N500

-Fuel 3000

-Wedding Venue (Church is free)


-Wedding Photography (A friend or relative iPhone): N0 need to spend on that


-Photogrid app for editing/pasting Bella Naija logo on photos: N0 need to spend


-Reception Venue (Any Open field)

-Cost of hire of 20 white plastic chairs: N2000


-Reception MC (Bride or groom relative)

–Music from relatives phone (China phone preferably)


-London used mobile phone speaker from computer village in Lagos-N2000


-Wedding cakes from Cakes&Cream: N3500

-Short bread from Balogun Market (Feeding of the couple): N300


-Fresh agege Bread as surplus for feeding of the couple (If groom is still hungry): N100


-Five Alive juice (Feeding of the couple): N350


-A crate of 35cl coke (For the few long throat wedding guests who still followed to the open field): N1500


-Freshly made zobo as wedding guests wine: N1000


-Disposable cups to stand in as glasses: N500


One packet of cabin for small chops: N700


5 wraps of Onitsha chinchin mixed together for small chops: N500


Big pack of gala diced in circles as small chops: N500


Twenty five packs of locally prepared -jollof rice from Iya Basira: N2500


Bic biros as wedding souvenir: N500


Miscellaneous: N500


Balance: N50


You see😄: Now you can share this with someone planning a wedding soon and thank me later.


Happy married life in advance!”


Do you think it is possible?

Would you do it?

What are the advantage and disadvantages of such planning?


Maureen Alikor

Maureen is a writer, a creative thinker and with her own thoughts, ideas and decisions. She shares her thoughts here believing someone somewhere will learn one or two things from her and also become a better human. She loves love. A wide reader + book collector and a smiling queen,

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6 Responses

  1. Enny Cole says:

    Quite humourous. If I hear hairdresser will take 1700. Balloons and ribbons 500naira? Hahahahaha this wedding will be interesting.

    • admin says:

      For the hairdresser collecting 1700, that is possible. It just depends on the hairdresser and the bride, if she would want it.
      I make my hair sometimes, and I pay less than 1700.
      For balloons and ribbons, I don’t know what to say. Who needs balloons and ribbons sef.
      Thank you for dropping your comment.

  2. Wole Fash says:

    This is comedy extraordinaire…

  3. interesting.
    Is that prices for real???
    Except you do a wedding of mark zuckerberg and priscilla chan. If I could remember, they only invited their families and used their house backyard or something like that.
    If you gat money and can afford it, you can spend any amount you want on your weddings.

    • admin says:

      I don’t know if those prices are real, but they really cracked me up.
      But spending any amount you want to spend just because you have it is unwise…

      Thank you for your comment.

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