I made a Facebook post asking friends if they could plan their wedding with 500k(  Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only) (follow link http://HERE

And one of the comments really cracked me up.

His name is Brian Okpara. Read what he has to say

“Please take your calculator, follow me as I make them easy for you and your about-to-be spouse. Trust me! It won’t even be up to 50k.


-A set of one carat diamond wedding rings from Jumia (Black Friday Price): N4000


-Cost of hire of fairly used Aba made wedding gown:N3500


-White high heels from Dealdey: N3500


-Four yards of black material for black suit at N700 per yard: N3000


-Tailor Workmanship: N3000


-Starched white shirt from Yaba Market: N1000


-Men shoes from Ikeja: N2500


-Groom: Use your old tie: (N0 need to buy new one)


-12 inches of Remi Brazilian Hair: N7000

-Ozone Relaxer: N150


-Bride Accessories (Old ones)

-Hairdresser charges: N1700

-Groom Haircut: N300


-Best Man- Freestyle with old suit Abeg!


-Freshly plucked hibiscus flowers as bride bouquet: N0 need wasting money on that


-Bridesmaid dresses for a train of three- freestyle (On Your Own)


-Bridal Makeup DIY: You can do it!


-Bridal train makeup DIY: OYO!


-Cost of bulk sms as wedding invites (100 sms for 100 guests): N300

-Just hire your car from relative or friend


-Decoration(Balloons & ribbons): N500

-Fuel 3000

-Wedding Venue (Church is free)


-Wedding Photography (A friend or relative iPhone): N0 need to spend on that


-Photogrid app for editing/pasting Bella Naija logo on photos: N0 need to spend


-Reception Venue (Any Open field)

-Cost of hire of 20 white plastic chairs: N2000


-Reception MC (Bride or groom relative)

–Music from relatives phone (China phone preferably)


-London used mobile phone speaker from computer village in Lagos-N2000


-Wedding cakes from Cakes&Cream: N3500

-Short bread from Balogun Market (Feeding of the couple): N300


-Fresh agege Bread as surplus for feeding of the couple (If groom is still hungry): N100


-Five Alive juice (Feeding of the couple): N350


-A crate of 35cl coke (For the few long throat wedding guests who still followed to the open field): N1500


-Freshly made zobo as wedding guests wine: N1000


-Disposable cups to stand in as glasses: N500


One packet of cabin for small chops: N700


5 wraps of Onitsha chinchin mixed together for small chops: N500


Big pack of gala diced in circles as small chops: N500


Twenty five packs of locally prepared -jollof rice from Iya Basira: N2500


Bic biros as wedding souvenir: N500


Miscellaneous: N500


Balance: N50


You see😄: Now you can share this with someone planning a wedding soon and thank me later.


Happy married life in advance!”


Do you think it is possible?

Would you do it?

What are the advantage and disadvantages of such planning?