Beside almost every successful man is a woman who most likely stood by him through days when wants and needs broke his back as he strived so hard to be liberated.

Such is the tale of this woman who shines and radiates beautifully.
She strides in grace and her every word is aimed at restoring hope, peace and of course instilling the rising need for ethic and etiquette in home fronts, in offices and even in the social environment on the lives and minds of her hearers.

She is a fashionista, one who defined beauty and style for herself and adorns elegance every time she appears.

She is a fighter, one who fought death and came out victorious and has since been a testimonial of God’s goodness to those lacking faith and wavering in hope.

She is gentle yet strong, she is a woman.
The womb through which Jemimah and Tiffany; blessings to our world, came bursting forth.
And yet a mother to the world that surrounds her.

She is celebrated every day, but today stands out as the day her birth was announced to the world.

She is Yoruba( the tribe after my own heart).
She is Nigerian( the beloved country blessed and gifted abundantly by God).

My role model

My role model

She is a woman of PURPOSE.
A woman worth simulating, a model and mentor to many, both far and wide.

She is Mummy Yemisi Ugoh, wife to the Senior Pastor of The King’s Assembly, Pastor Chris Ugoh ( Baba as we fondly call him)fb_img_1475154052011

She is a King’s Daughter and also a queen in the Ugoh Kingdom.

So you see when the sun came shining today, it was in admiration of your efforts to bettering humanity.

When the stars smiled at the stroke of 12:00am announing the dawn of yet another 29th September, I knew royalty has been born.

Happy birthday Mummy.
This daughter of yours loves and adores you.
She looks up to you and learns humbly at your feet though from afar.

Every day I see you or listen to you, I smile because You top the list of my Woman Crush (WC).