Are you young, old or in between?
Are you a christian, a young Christian or maturing Christian?
Do you crave more opportunities and avenues to grow deeper in the word of God?
Do you often battle with finding the perfect time to read your manual bible?
Do you seek other ways of growing your relationship with your father, God?
Do you like reading the bible using different versions, not just our dear old KJV(King James Versions ) of the 16th Century?

Do you want to take your devotional moments to the next level?
Are you struggling with certain habits, and you want help?
Do you need counseling and step by step help on how to go about it?

Do you want to have ministry materials from various men and women that God is using to restore hope to mankind?

Are you like me who desires a constant time on the word?

Do you need a bible study guide, daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly?

Do you have the longing to delve deeper in your bible study?
Do you crave self-development as much as you crave food?

Do you want all these answers handy all the time, then I strongly recommend the #Youversion Bible App, which was put together by #LifeChurch.

The #Youversion Bible App is an application that makes bible study interesting and closer to you.

It is packed full with devotionals, bible study plans, and activities to embark on.

It holds the answer to all the question above.

How To Download It?
*. On your device, just go to Google Playstore.
* Search for Youversion bible app.
* Download or install.
* Enjoy.

I use it.
I recommend it.
God bless you as you seek to draw closer to Him.



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