Everyone knows what ‘wedding bells’ are but very few people know of the existence of ‘birthday bells’. Whenever something remarkable is in the offing and it’s supposed to be made public during the birthday celebration, then the birthday bells will ring to get everyone on his or her toes in anticipation. Consider this a birthday bell. You may want to know whose birthday it is and what remarkable feat is about to be made public. Well, search no more…here we go. Graciano Enwerem popularly known as Prof., Sir Grrr etc is +1 today. Graciano Enwerem S. (Grrraciano) is a Spoken Word poet, writer and teacher. A graduate of English And Literary Studies, Imo State University. He’s the winner of War Of Words 3, YouPoetry Slam, 9 times winner of Sea View’s Poetry Challenge, Winner Of War Of Words Online slam 1 and cofounder of Figures Of Speech {F.O.S.}, the first online creative group on whatsapp. He’s been proffered so many awards which include the SPIC Most Outstanding Achiever Of The Year, 2014, IFA’s Atonisona Of Poetry Award, 2015 and was also voted the number 1 poet on EGC Top 50 Contemporary Poets Who Rocked Nigeria in 2016. He shall mark his birthday first of all with the release of a spoken word piece titled ‘HIGH FLYERS’ on the 25th, which is a fine blend of poetry and R&B as he featured one of Mirus Empire’s finest artistes, Prinx Emmanuel.

To download ‘HIGH FLYERS’, hit this link……..

and to download ‘WHAT NIGERIANS WANT’ hit this link

and/or ’12 MILLION NONSENSE ‘,