within the confines of this virtual world
hidden behind keypads and keyboards
are souls trapped in human form
with hearts plaited in gold
and eyes big and bold

somewhere in Africa
where blind bonds of friendship are formed
as soul connections mattered the most
I, African, met an African,
he was subtle and concise
he still is,
he was and is wise,


somewhere in Nigeria
when mothers around the world
walked bearing protruded bellies
unsure but trusting of whom they bore
this Nigerian burst forth all smiles
too cute
too coy
too cool
amongst a sea of males
he set foot

he walks in manly gaits of splendor
builds with raw materials of nature
aimed at erecting skyscrapers of world wonders

his dreams send you back to bed
as you need not wake till you have dreamed enough

his vision crystal clear
as he foresees million steps
while you thousands

he is a friend, so true
a love far to sleek
a mind wide enough
able to drown the biggest of whales
and a heart once again too good

fierce one
with stubborn ways
fierce one
with quantum leaps
fierce soul
of radical traps

today heaven rejoices and weeps
as you sail on to greater heights
today we celebrate you
as you mount the stool of age
wisdom rises
setting you apart for greatness

happy birthday Oluwatobi Olumystique OluAdeMi
Toby Mystique Olubimo