November has always been my favourite, not because its my birth month alone but because its same for my dad, my mum and one of my brothers; but this year its all different…
On this day in 1959, my mum was born.


She was my “not very favourite parent” during primary school days simply because I was the recipient of workload when Kalada will stubbornly flout her orders and avoid his chores; and any attempt to follow suit will result in an action tantamount to beating to shape a car involved in an accident (it never happened sha, I just couldn’t try it). She could tell me to handle 3 different tasks at the same time (gaan wash the plates and then bathe Bobby and make sure u sweep this place and in my mind I’m like “Chaiy God”). 

She’ll tell me to wash the plates (everybody’s plates) that same night no matter how I plead to do it in the morning, and then while washing them and my dad shows up I’ll  pretend like I’m suffering and straightway he’ll be like “ur still awake! Don’t u know tomorrow is school, Oya gaan sleep I’ll wash it for u (who wouldn’t love such a man then) and then the next day She’ll be like its your turn to wash again because you didn’t wash yday 😁. The way and manner she was firm towards me, made me feel adopted. But it paid off big time and I’m very grateful, grateful to God and to you too. 
You taught me Diligence amongst my other virtues. 

Happy birthday Momma, 

🎵I’ll always love you and yes I miss you, Here in my heart you will remain; and though you are gone now, it’s for a while I know I’ll see you Once Again” 🎵…

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By Batubo Fabian