Tears filled me eyes as I sat in the auditorium of house on the rock for the service of songs of a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart and life.

Each time her photo was projected on the projector, I fought hard to keep the tears from falling. I was pained, I was hurt deeply and the unrest in my heart and head could not be compared. I was not the only one hurting, as I looked around, I saw many in tears, some sniffing and wiping the tears… it was a celebration of life service, but we are humans, and bound to hurt when we lose someone dear to us.

Yet again, I am laden with questions. So many questions and answers elude my human comprehension.
I could not even bear to open the service of songs brochure, her beautiful smile graced the front page. And it got me really thinking.

It is not how long you live, but how well.
It is not how long one lived, it is how much impact one made all through ones lifetime, no matter how short it may seem.

Today, as we gather in celebrating a life well spent, I pray that God grants Pastor Lanre Oluseye the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss of his dear wife.
I also pray that God gives her children, Oluwatobi, Toluwani and Oluwatomi the wisdom to grow in the ways of the Lord as their mummy taught them.

Her death teaches us all one or two lessons. And I am sure that as we shed tears, those of us that need to will be retracing our steps.

Dear First Lady, Pastor Inem Oluseye, I am not a regular member at House On The Rock, Port Harcourt, but same household of faith under the Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is with joy in my heart that I wish you peaceful rest in the bosom of Lord, having John 14:1-4 as my solace. I believe you are smiling down on your beloved, for sure, they(me inclusive) will miss you. Gosh your smile is captivating.
Rest on sweet one till we meet to part no more. Amen