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Maureen Alikor is a young lady who has a vision that right from the very next second after you must have read this, that the world will be better and she believes it begins with JUST A THOUGHT properly aligned, tilting towards positive speech and wholehearted believe in the expected.

She believes the pen has a role to play in reshaping the world that is fast going out of shape due to absence of the understanding of the basic principle of life and living.

She believes the world was founded and created in LOVE and can only thrive and get become if we all embrace LOVE as the most IMPORTANT VIRTUE.

She also believes that finding ones PURPOSE is the beginning of greater heights of achievement for every individual.

She believes PURPOSE gives us direction and focus, and helps our decision making.

She is a reader and has an overwhelming hunger for books and encourages everyone to pick up books and pen instead of arms and hate. She is growing a library.

Maureen Alikor is a LOVE CHILD and she believes so much in the healing power of LOVE.

She does not let her circumstance, no matter how bad it is push her towards displaying a bad attitude or negativity.
She has been a victim of sexual abuse, incest and rape. Inspired by her experiences she runs an NGO called “DEMYSTIFY ABUSE

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Maureen Alikor

Maureen is a writer, a creative thinker and with her own thoughts, ideas and decisions. She shares her thoughts here believing someone somewhere will learn one or two things from her and also become a better human. She loves love. A wide reader + book collector and a smiling queen,

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