Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing or encountering young persons who have spent about sixteen (16) years of their lives acquiring the western system of education that we have been exposed to, behaving like they were never within the four walls of a place called school.

We, as a nation have mastered the art of churning out half-baked graduates who we hope to put our nation upon their shoulders; graduates that have no idea of why they even enrolled in schools, graduates that never sat in lecture rooms or examination halls, yet they flaunt their exceptionally good results and CGPAs.

We churn out men and women who have no business using their senses, their brain or their mind for the betterment of their lives, their society and the world at large.

Again, I am saluted with the news of corps members who could not fill out their proper names on the NYSC green card, but who our outrageous educational system confirmed them graduates.

Should we start apportioning blames?
If yes, who is to blame? Parents? Students? Government? Teachers?

If no, what is to be done?

This is a cry from the deepest corners of my heart.

I am in a desperate need of a society where children will be allowed to think and make sound decisions on their own without undue influences.

I am in a desperate need of a society where adults of both sexes will sit down and use the brains they have for good, without leaving the tool dormant and rusted.

I am in dire need of change; change in our educational system.
Change in our syllabus and curriculum.
Change in our teaching and learning pattern, it is so obvious that the one size fits all pattern of education we practice is incapable of grooming more sensible people.

It is amazingly obvious that the almighty western education is not preparing us for the journey through life because most of the life hacks are not taught in schools, who then teaches it? Life does. And she is no merciful teacher.