do you know your relationship is like a bank account, and if you do not constantly deposit, you will not be able to make withdrawals.?
A relationship between two people is a platform where two people give and take. So for me to take out anything that I desire from that relationship, I must have made deposits into the other person’s emotional account.
 What am I to deposit into the person’s emotional account? Simple, I ought to deposit what the person needs, wants and desires.
What do I expect in my emotional account? Simple, the other person ought to deposit what I need, want and desire.
So, the more I deposit into the other person’s emotional account, the more I an able to withdraw.
When I withdraw much more than what I have deposited, that is when ABUSE sets in.
I begin to demand from the other person what I am not willing to give.
There are various kinds of account.
1. Savings.
3.Fixed deposit.
Now, the kind of relationship you want to have determines the kind of account you operate.
As we are different, so our needs are different. Your type of need is the type of deposit you deserve and you expect your partner to deposit.
An account becomes DORMANT when you have not made any deposits or transactions in a long while.
So look at your relationship.
Are you depositing?
Are you withdrawing?
Has your account gone dormant for lack of deposits?
Are you withdrawing much more than you have ever deposited, then you are abusing your spouse.