There Will Always Be Followers

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So over time I’ve come to a conclusion that there will always be followers.
Based on the recent happenings on and off this virtual space, right through to the one on one interactions we have as living, breathing human beings, I can confidently state that no matter HOW STUPID or HOW SENSIBLE the matter YOU are championing is, you’d always have followers.
There are various reasons why people support or applaud a cause and these reasons vary.


1. If they can relate to the cause or campaign you are pushing.
I remember when I raised my squeaking voice above normal announcing how I’d be using my rape story to push forward a campaign called #DemystifyAbuse campaign, I know how many people pledged their support because they could relate with the fact that rape and its siblings were ravaging our society and little or nothing is been done about it, and more and more people were did along with hurt and pain and stigma they could not handle or be free from on their own.
I still get supporters who are volunteering to join me in spreading the news of “there is life after rape”, and also helping raise an awareness that our parents and guardians should be more vigilant and more accessible so their wards can come share their ordeal with them..
With this, we can say many could relate with the cause I was pushing, so they supported.

2. If they too have been affected by the cause been campaigned about or against.
Do I need to give an examples here? Yeah, I should.
When in 2015 it was time for the general elections and many political parties were up and about, two parties stood out – the incumbent party and the opposition party.
Nigerians were sick to the bones of the hanky panky played on them by the then ruling political party and as such were in a desperate need for a ” Change”, and Change they got. Scratch that, Change we got.
Because they were affected, they came out in their to support the opposition party which eventually emerged winner of the presidential election.
Away from politics, have you witnessed e-fights – those fights between people and a person on social media especially twitter and on Facebook – many of the person who support a particular person against a particular person of group of persons because they have in one way or the other been affected by the person or group of persons been fought.
So when a person or a group of persons are affected by the cause you are about to fight, they give you their maximum support.

3. When they have a stake or when they are stakeholders to what you are fighting for.
This is quite selfish too, many times if something does not concern us or affect us directly as Nigerians, WE DO NOT JOIN TO FLEX MUSCLES.
When we know we have a stake on what is been fought for, then we dish out our support.
Take this Biafra movement for an example – many of the persons who are in support, are in because they have a stake in it, because they have something they will gain from it, or because they intend to gain something from it.
Hmmm. Life.

4. When they have a personal likeness or love or attraction for the person or leader pushing a particular cause.
Let’s also take the Biafra movement for an example, some of the strong supporters of these movement are supporters because they admire the leader for one reason or the other.
And as such, whatever he is involved, even they do not understand or completely agree with it, but because they have taken a strong like for the person and their persona, they give their full support.
Let’s also take demystify abuse campaign as an example, some of the persons that support and send in their donations, do so because, as some of them said, they admire my person and my persona, so in a bid to nudge me on to greater strides, they render their support.

5. When they just want to be loyal and show their gratitude for something done for them in the past.
Lend a hand and you will be touching hearts deeeeep down somewhere.
Many times, some avid supporters are a bunch of grateful people who just want to say thank you in a special way, so they support the person.
Our politicians in their bid to garner votes and rallied round support have come to understand this, so they, prior to their elections resort to becoming ‘humanitarians’ and ‘philanthropists’.

They pour a few grains of rice and because there are very hungry mouths that need feeding who would be grateful for the “selfless service” been meted out to them, who would go any length to support their benefactor – even stealing ballot boxes.
So this reason and many more have proven to me that there will always be followers.
Are you a leader, do you need followers, one of these reasons given above are ways by which you can garner followers…
But then, if selflessness lies in your heart, you know the best thing to do.

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