Life has not been easy with a lot of humans and we seem to be encumbered with finding OUR OWN DAILY BREAD and in doing so, we CARE LESS of other people and their issues, but that is not the case for ITODO SAMUEL ANTHONY . Read and follow the story of how he helped a supposed “madman”.

It all began with a  facebook update…and a determination to be different and to make impact as against usual.

“Yesterday I chanced upon a madman lying by the major road and my first thought was he was drunk and would find his way at some point when sober. Today I was informed he was actually hit down by a vehicle and is by the road simply because he can’t move. I also learned today is about the 5th day since he’s been there.

The above realization has left me agitated all day. This evening about four of us where there to see him and he just kept asking for water. On interrogation we learned he is from Ebonyi hence it is easy to see he has no ‘family’ around here who could take care of him. He says he had an accident. He sounds pretty sane to me in his limited English. I hear the police and road safety have been seeing him there since the accident he had but simply moved on.

He says it is his hand he has a problem with and we can see the swelling, yet we don’t understand why he can’t leave that place. I fear other body parts might have been affected, crippling him.

5 days. This fella has been living and sleeping on the hard surface by the road for five days. All that sunshine. All that rain. Helplessly waiting to die.

What government agency is responsible for cases like these? A couple of locals are concerned as it is evident people have been bringing him water and snacks to eat but shouldn’t the government handle this? I don’t know how human life came to be of so little value here.

I have to be honest, I don’t know how to help this man, even though I agree we cant just let him there counting down to his certain death. Tomorrow morning two of us will be going to the local Road Safety office to report the situation, even though I have been told the Road Safety vehicle had stopped once next to the man, paused a moment and driven off.

Please is there a Nigerian government agency whose responsibility it is to handle stuff like this? How can we help this man? I am drained from this helplessness.


We proceeded to a private hospital where I spoke to the doctor on phone as he was absent. He was quite eager to take the man in on the condition that I’d pay his bills. Then his “madness” introduced another complexity, the doctor demanding someone had to be on ground to take care of him as his nurses couldn’t do that. I was particularly interested in knowing if he could handle a fracture, he said yes, they had some traditional bone setter who’d come in to do the work and get paid separately. I asked him to follow me to the man’s location to do a precursory assessment and be sure he can manage the situation. He agreed but asked us to go get a police report permitting us to move the man.

We arrived the police station after 6pm and only missed the DPO by the whiskers. The officer who listened to us was sympathetic but wouldn’t risk “disturbing” the DPO by calling him back to the office. He asked us to return tomorrow morning for the permit. Yeah, so while this doctor was willing to take the man in today, we all have to wait till tomorrow. I earnestly hope this man’s redemption is just across tonight.

The doctor says I’d be making a deposit of 15k. I also offered to pay the nurses to have them take care of the man as a patient’s relative will typically do.

This man who mentioned exactly where he’s from in Ebonyi and where he was dropped at Enugu and informed he had an accident that affected his hand…this man who keeps asking for water, who asked me today to take him to a hospital, might not be a mad man after all, in spite of his looks. Big Sis Biodun Bamgboye says he might just be destitute and I agree. He is quite sane to me.

Anyway, tomorrow will be the 6th day of this man’s unfortunate episode and I pray his redemption comes with daybreak. I also hope this doesn’t involve a spinal injury because if this doctor can’t manage this case I wouldn’t know what else to do.

Of course you know we are all paying the bills together, right? Thank you Big Sis and Omotoyosi Ogunbanwo for stretching the limits of my conscience on this issue.

PS: Please resist the urge to say stuff like “tony you’re a good man” and all that jazz. Don’t say it, please. Human life should count for something, and while we’re still “human” it is a responsibility not to allow the value of our humanity erode so badly. Thanks.”


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