Church Boys Love To Be In The Friendzone

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So with some friends we were gisting about boys and their love for the “friendzone”.
We agreed that some guys are so scared of ladies that they would rather “hover” around ladies like bees over honey and like flies over sweet or dead things as the case may be than open up on their true feelings

We also talked about the fact that some of these Boys, Guys or Men (BGM) are hovering around these ladies they have an interest for, but they will not state or indicate their interest until she will share her wedding card with them, then the tears won’t stop falling.
We also talked about the fact that these hovering BGM‘s who would be waiting for instant miracle to happen and sister would then become their wives.
We also agreed that most of these hovering BGM‘s,  are those brothers in church who would often escort the sisters home and when they walk her to the gate, they would say goodnight by saying, “the Lord bless you”.
We also said that these hovering boys always think that these ladies are in a relationship, so they would not want to put “sand sand” inside their garri.
We also said that, some of these hovering BGMs would always get angry when they see other boys getting close to the sister they are “believing God for”.
We also said that some of these BGMs are scared of rejection, so they would rather not attempt.
We also agreed that some of the BGM’s  have issues with cultivating friendships that are platonic and with no strings attached.
We also said that some of these BGM’s are bad losers – when a lady says no to them, they throw away the friendship and resort to beefing the lady.
Again, we also agreed that many church BGM‘s fall within these category as described here.
Are you a church BGM?
Do you know a church BGM?
We pray that they may receive freedom of speech and make their intentions known today, and save themselves from the friendzone.
Are you been hovered upon by a church BGM or a BGM?
What can we do to help them?

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