Result from Saturday’s Match

Dear Ladies with no interest in Football, this letter is to you.

Dear ladies, you know how a particular telemundo series, or maybe Zee world, or keeping up with the Kardashains, or maybe any series at all that caches your fancy begins and how you scamper every evening to ensure you never miss an episode that is been aired; that is how these boys, men, girls and women who Love football are beginning to run helter skelter when a choice team is about to play. There is nothing wrong happening, it is just that the season of football is upon us and we can’t run from it. 

Dear Ladies, I understand some of you w ill never be caught watching football, let alone go to a viewing center with your boo,

awwww, I don’t how that works with you two, but I would want to know. I am a sucker for communication and I often advocate for common grounds in relationships between two persons because it eases and aids communication between two partners and trust me, to have a partner who has made love for soccer, it would do you two a whole lot good, if you at least can discuss football. I am just saying, what do I know.

I also happen to know that some relationships are working perfectly fine without these common grounds. Relationships are dynamic and what works for one may not always work for us all.


Dear bros, that are football addicts, I pity you people’s life this season sha… may the league fall on you as the goals are falling on the teams that have played so far.

I am going to share some scores with you and I do hope some of you would become contributors to the sports segment of this blog.

Some teams have played, I do not have all the data, and I am hoping that some of you would help me collate the data that I missed out from the beginning of this season.