ASUU strike: It’s a national shame

Again after about four years, I am hearing and reading that yet another ASUU(Academic Staff Union of Universities) strike and in truth I am frustrated with happenings as this in our nation.

I really do not care about what the cause of the strike may be, I am only worried that we are a selfish nation, we only care about ourselves.

ASUU is selfish.

The government is selfish.

If they ain’t selfish, why would they wake up one day and decide to keep students back from completing their education? Why would they freely decide upon punishing the children who did nothing to deserve the sort of inhuman treatment meted out on them?

There is an adage that says when elephants fight, the grass suffers. This is freaking true. ASUU and our government are the fighting elephants, and the students are the green grass now turning brown from been stomped upon.

For God sake, Isn’t there a way to showcase their anger? Why always resort to strikes? what are we doing to ourselves as a nation?

Our education system is already churning out half baked graduates with the sort of education we have, why make it worse by the day?

And the most annoying part of the strike is, thy would resume when they choose and then push the students into classrooms to begin writing exams. Exams for what they learnt during the stay at home abi?

They would begin a fire brigade sort of preparation for examinations that as far as I am concerned is not a true test of knowledge, but a true test for cramming expertise. And in the short time, we would expect the students to come out in flying colours? The flying colours are grayed with age and strikes already.

This strike should be gone, along side with history.

It should be something we look back on and be grateful we did away with.

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