A Wake Up Call to Millennials and Centennials

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It saddens my heart to see how we live our lives as Millennials and Centennials. We pay no regard to some of the values that profited our fathers. We have thrown values like integrity, respect, honesty, commitment, obedience, diligence etc. into thin air and have decided to live our lives as though we own ourselves. We are very busy with working to have a great social media presence, wearing the latest designers, and turning up while we forget to groom ourselves for the future. Our attentions have been shifted from deeper things that matter to frivolities. Do we ever wonder what values and training we will pass on to the next generation?

It beats me when I see young people who do not have any moral or ethical standards and just live based on how they see others live (good/bad). For me lack of personal values equals a lack of sense of self (whom one is) hence, the importance of constructing our moral and ethical standards cannot be overemphasized because, they help us stay true to ourselves.

On a daily basis, I see young people who know the difference between right and wrong do wrong because “that is the in-thing.” Growing up, I saw people show remorse after they did things that were wrong however, that is hardly a thing in my generation. People in my generation feel cool and smart especially when they get away with wrong things and sincerely, this leaves me in a state of confusion. I ask myself, “when will things become better?” I hear a lot of Nigerian youth use phrases like “I used brain for them” to mean “I outsmarted them” and I never really get that. Sometimes, I have to caution myself not to jump in their faces and tell them “you did not outsmart anyone, you just displayed how irresponsible and undeserving of respect you are!”

Millennials and Centennials, we can do better! We can be great people of integrity, we can be honest; Yes, we can be respectful and still enjoy everything that comes with our generation. Hopefully, we realize by now that the anticipated change will never come if we as “the leaders of tomorrow” do not change our attitude towards things that matter.

I do not write this to make us realize how awful we are; I write this to serve as a challenge that will propel us to become young people who know that it is possible to live morally upright lives as God shows us our true selves every step of the way.

If you read this far, I appreciate you. God Bless You.

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