Dearest Oprah,

This letter should have come earlier than now, but for constant procrastination and lazy excuse of a busy life, but today the urge came stronger than ever and I pushed myself off the bed and began punching my keypad smoothly and rapidly.  You may encounter slight typographical errors or bad spellings as you read on, but forgive the fast “pacedness” of my mind and blame it on the slowness of my fingers to catch up.

Dear Oprah, I may not sound as flowery as the best of writers I have read, nor would I attempt to weave the words as smoothly as my future self would, but I will try to write as plainly as it forms and rings in my head and let the letters typed convey my heart to your eyes and to your hearts.

I am a young Nigerian girl who has followed you, your life and your story as best as I could and still can and I am grateful for your being.

Life always happens to us all, growing up, she did happen to me, and as different as we are, so does our approach to dealing, facing and reacting to life differ.

I am a young girl with stories, but I am grateful to YOU for being you and for holding my hand though from afar and helping me through the phases of life that you helped me through, though afar and not physically so.

I have watched a couple of your interviews, I have seen you on Televisions and on your various social media platforms and I am grateful for who are and all you have accomplished.

You, from afar, have inspired a girl to dream big, wake up from dreamland and work hard to bring the dreams to reality. And trust me, there are many girls and I am one of them.

I love what you do with OWN and I am excited most especially that you are FEMALE.

Society models laziness and second-class citizens as traits synonymous with women over the world and you and many other women I have seen and also read of have proven this theory to be false.

In a world as ours where a woman would have to work thrice as hard as a man to achieve success, you have proven to us that though it seems impossible, impossibility is just a word.


Dearest Oprah, you are a woman with her own story and you have, with your life carved a niche for yourself, thereby standing as a role model and point of reference to women with stories. You have taught me to see past the story, learn from them and move ahead.

You have impacted lives and I am writing to thank you for being OPRAH and for being a model of what STRENGTH and RESILENCE looks like.

From your well of wisdom, many have, fetched and many more will keep fetching and drawing, to help them navigate through the rough curves and bends that life introduces and throws.

Like Mama MAYA ANGELOU (may she rest on), you are a PHENOMENAL WOMAN. One I can proudly and firmly say I respect, revere and cherish.

Dearest Oprah, forgive my choosing to address you by your name, but I see no other name that befits you, but your name, because you are more than other words may try to describe and adorn you.

Your energy, oh your energy is one that fuels me sometimes when I need refueling. I envy it in a good way and I am happy you exude it.

Dearest Oprah, as fast as I type, with each word that is spelled, smile light up my face, as excitement mixed with appreciation themes the essence of this.

I love you, Oprah and I am one of the privileged who got to know of you.

May your light keep burning bright and may its illumination reach far into more and more hearts and lives. Amen. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely

Maureen Alikor.