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Do You Know Your Vagina 0

Do You Know Your Vagina

Do you know your vagina? What it looks like? When it’s sick or healthy? I’m pretty sure if there should be a vagina photo shoot and ladies are asked to identify or point out which ones are theirs, they wouldn’t.

Wedding Palaver In Nigeria 0

Wedding Palaver In Nigeria

So we have Falz and Simi planning their wedding. We also have Emenike and Nnenna planning theirs. You obviously do not know the latter. Now you can imagine how Falz and Simi’s wedding will be, but you cannot imagine Emenike and Nnenna’s. Falz and Simi are celebrities. They’ve signed autographs...

17 weird ‘facts’ you probably didn’t know about Lagos 0

17 weird ‘facts’ you probably didn’t know about Lagos

1. There is a place in Lagos called Lagos. Probably only yorubas can understand the pun. Eko in Eko😂…lol We have Lagos island and Island. Never take one for the other. Lagos island is Obalende, Balogun, Isale eko and the very core parts of lagos. Island is Victoria island, lekki,...

The Boy Girl Thingy 0

The Boy Girl Thingy

Sometimes, it is guys that block their own destiny.   How? Take this journey with me.   You see a fine girl. She tickles your fancy. She has the kind of sense that makes your toes itch. She doles out wisdom usually ascribed to gray hair. She has an excellent...


A Man’s Note To His Wife

I LOVE LOVE STORIES. While we have heard a lot about unsuccessful marriages, it is often a rare and a beautiful privilege to meet two persons who are working at it DAILY thereby showing us (the unmarried) that it can be done. It’s good to know we have good examples...