credit: wikihow

Sometimes, it is guys that block their own destiny.

Take this journey with me.
You see a fine girl.
She tickles your fancy.
She has the kind of sense that makes your toes itch.
She doles out wisdom usually ascribed to gray hair.
She has an excellent dress that raises your eyebrows.

When she talks, or writes, you dream of how she’ll mother your children,
and you realize she has murdered your fear of the long haul.
You discover she syncs with your future journey.
You talk Nigeria, she raises the bar, international something.
You say start here and expand later, she says, why not now.
Mama says her spirit is adorable.
Papa praises her charisma and charm.
You decide this is it?
You slide quietly into her inbox.
You initiate conversation, but in a language that may be foreign to her.
You say “hey baby”, she remembers her mother is not called Henry, nor Kunle neither is it Mohammed.
She ignores. Heads back to what held her attention previously.
You say, “sup pwetty”, she doesn’t understand. She ignores.
When she replies, out of courtesy, you continue with writing balderdash that does not align with her person.
You delve into discussion topic that does not grow her,
that does not interest her…slowly you are burning your cable.
When you see a woman you admire…there are steps to take before you JUMP into her inbox or her space.
1. Study her from faraway nearby.
2. Get closer. Be subtle, not aggressive in pursuit.
3. Be friendly, Sincerely friendly.
4. Seek ways to grow and better her. Chip it in once in a while.
5. Conversations. Conversations. Conversations.
6. Study her from near away nearby.
7. Know when, how and what.
When to say what you want to say.
How you want to say what you want to start.
What to say and what not to say.