Do You Know Your Vagina

Do you know your vagina? What it looks like?
When it’s sick or healthy?

I’m pretty sure if there should be a vagina photo shoot and ladies are asked to identify or point out which ones are theirs, they wouldn’t.

It’s embarrassing that most ladies cannot identity the vagina parts; not the labia, clitoris,vulva etc. It’s a shame!

If you don’t know your vagina, what do you know?
It’s not just a sacred organ only remembered during bathing, sexual intercourse or urination, it is an integral part of you as a woman,so it should receive as much attention as your face.

Every woman should be conversant with her veejay’s looks and smell. Yes smell, every vagina has its unique healthy smell no matter how clean it is. I don’t mean the rotten fish or gutter odour.

Smelling your worn pant is a good way of discovering your own unique vaginal smell.
One of the signs that shows something is wrong is change in vagina smell and looks. So if you do not take note of those, you may not know when your vagina is sick.

Observing the vagina is a healthy practice for every woman.
So dear sisters, take off those pants, spread those legs before a mirror and take a long good look at your genitals.

Before you do that, please shave off those pubic hairs, if you have a tropical rain forest down there, it will be hard to see a thing.
If you don’t know yourself, who will?

Written by Ogechi, find her on FACEBOOK

VOX POP: what special treatment or care do you give to your vagina?

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