Strangers on a bridal train

So it’s a Saturday and so many persons will be or are been joined together in holy matrimony. Congratulations to them all…

My rant is dedicated to certain humans who while planning their wedding go hunting for girls who would be on their bridal train the same way hunters go hunt for prey in the jungle.

I have not been able to understand the rational behind this hunting.

My understanding of bridal train may have been tampered with because I am still battling with comprehending why this is done.

I believe that bridal trains are supposed to be SINGLE AND UNMARRIED FRIENDS of the soon to be bride who are celebrating with her and bidding her farewell from spinsterhood and safe journey into marriage or MARRIED FRIENDS of the soon to be bride who are celebrating with her and welcoming her into the marriage bliss (or torture, as the case may be).

I have heard, seen and also been asked to be a part of a train where I had no prior knowledge of the bride, nor the groom. I ran.

While some gave the reason that they do not have friends or even a friend of their own, I look upon such persons as selfish.
( like how do you live every day without having friends that make you smile and those that annoy the smile out of you.

Like how do you live your life without having those people who test your people skills and your tolerance, patience and caring and selfless quotient?)

It only takes a selfish person to rob themselves and others of the gift of their friendship. Whether good or bad. I know some would
Some would say it’s because humans are mean, somewhat terrible and often toxic (but truth is, they ain’t all like that)

Back to this bridal train matter. Have you been on a bridal train for a total stranger?
How did you cope or feel during the wedding?
Do you think it was and is a good thing to have strangers on your bridal train?
Would you have strangers on your bridal train?

Why do people do it?

P.S. words reaching me just confirmed it that it also happens with groomsmen.

True, untrue or halt truth?


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