One Year Anniversary Of Strength

Today is 21st of December, 2017, and it is one of the most important days of my life.


Today last year, my foundation, DEMYSTIFY ABUSE CAMPAIGN was birthed after what seemed like one of the harshest blows life death me: the armed robbery attack that led to the rape, after which I was faced with two choices.

1. Be a statistic : one of the rape victims that is shushed down by the expectations of the society, family members and close friends,

one who MUST not say she was raped less blames and accusations be heaped on her,

one who suffers from the pain and trauma of the incident, yet dares not utter a word of her predicament.

one who must not let it be known that she was raped, less stigmatization become her meal daily.

One who must not say she was raped, because her worth, her essence and dignity has been forcefully taken, and as a result, she BECOMES DAMAGED GOODS.

2. Be a Voice: One who shares of her experience, but gracefully rises above it and chooses to lend a voice in the fight against the menace.

one who is not ashamed to be broken, yet willing to help mend others who are as broken as she was or is.

one who would sing the most loathed song of strength in the face of stigma and

one who knows she is whole, undamaged and in total control of the outcomes of her life after life hit.

one who would lend her voice in the fight against rape and all forms of sexual abuses.

I, Maureen Alikor chose 2 and it has been one year of beautiful beginnings, of freedom from shame, guilt and burden laden on every one time victim.

It’s been one year of your constant support and I am INDEED GRATEFUL that you all stood by me

Thank you. Together we would do more.
In the next posts, I’d be sharing with you, the journey so far.
Let’s do more.



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