On Churches and irresponsible behaviours


See I am a Christian, an unapologetic Christ lover and follower, but you see the above hashtag, I am going to be using it frequently. Yes frequently.

Yesterday, while on my search for fuel, thanks to the season we are in, I was handed a handbill by someone, it was supposed to be for some program.

Two steps ahead I saw the church, I was ashamed to be a Christian. I was ashamed to be associated with the kind of Christianity so many people practice.

Right in front of a Church was a dump site, as in, I saw dirt piled high up in front of the church.
The heap of dump was not fresh, it was stale, old and jeez smelling too.

Also running right across the front of the church was a stream of filthy water.

I was furious for every member of that church, I was disappointed with the pastor or pastors with the deacons and with everyone holding one portfolio or the other.

Really, what sort of Christianity would we be practising if we live in so much dirt and disregard for the environment we live in?

What sort of Christianity do we practice if we can’t be responsible adults and go out of our selfish and self centred ways to do things that we should do?

Someone might have the effrontery to say it is not their dirt, but for sanity sake, it is right in their faces

Christianity is not a license to be uncultured and irresponsible.

Christianity is not a license to live without regard for one’s healthy and for the health and safety of other humans.

Yes, I have a certain level of OCD, but no, it is not my OCD that is talking.

It is my humanness and my sanity that is talking.

If you are a member of any church and you do not take it upon to ensure a clean environment, then today hence forth into 2018 and every day of your life is the year to receive sense.

You are a tongue talking, spirit led (I don’t know which spirit leads you though) believer, you should also remember that you are a human, in touch with the physical environment.



Maureen Alikor

Maureen is a writer, a creative thinker and with her own thoughts, ideas and decisions. She shares her thoughts here believing someone somewhere will learn one or two things from her and also become a better human. She loves love. A wide reader + book collector and a smiling queen,

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