Idris Elba and fiancee Sabrina Dhowre

Idris Elba & Sabrina Dhowre

Dear Idris Elba,

In as much as I am happy and excited that you have gotten engaged to the lady of your dreams, Sabrina Dhowre, according to the voice news

I am sorry to announce you that I won’t be coming for the wedding ceremony. 

On behalf of all the sisters who used to crush on you, I am writing to bring it to your notice that you were not fair to us. I know you didn’t give us any promise ring and you didn’t ask us to wait for you, and we know.

You didn’t even put our picture on Instagram, twitter or facebook, we used to dream of having our pictures on your page, but no you didn’t allow our dream become a reality.

Dear Idris, why did you think we used to troop to the cinema to watch almost any movie you acted in? It was because we wanted to see you, support your craft and also ensure no woman acting alongside you come to close to you, like Kate Winslet who acted as Alex Martin, the photojournalist in “The Mountain Between Us”. 

At those points when you cared, catered to and loved on Alex, I was happy but somewhere in my head, I kept telling myself it was a movie and you two were acting out what was scripted. Those times were like you picked up an iced knife and held it before me

Now, you have finally pierced by fragile heart with the knife and it is unfair. I and the rest of the sisters (they may desolate me now) are hear broken.

Dear Idris, if you send the wedding invite, I can promise I won’t come. I am too heartbroken to come watch you say the almighty “I do” to someone else.

But I can be appeased.

If you want to undo this brokenheartedness of mine, do we to send the wedding card, a private jet and of course a box of chocolate, then I’d have to have a rethink on my angry jealousy.

THERE is a saying, “if you love something, let it go”, I have let you go and I wish you a happy life and I can’t wait to hear you have welcomed a new baby so we would begin the betrothal rights.