A cat wearing a glass & parallel universe

Based on the theory of the “Parallel Universe” & “Multiple Personality Disorder”(MPD), you could be alive in a parallel universe, this means you can be alive in two different places, doing two different things, but all at the same time, and you may be totally unaware.

Do you believe this?
If It were true, what would your other you be doing now?

In Sidney Sheldon’s “Tell me your dreams”, the case of MPD was discussed extensively.

Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon

The book tells the story of a lady Ashely Patterson who had two alters -Toni Prescott and Alette Peters, one of her alters committed murder and when Ashley was charged to court for the murder of the deceased, it turns out she was innocent but one of her other personality was guilty. The book is quite an intriguing read and highly recommended.

However, the case of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is not all fiction as many doctors have confirmed MPD is real.

While this to many is still contestable and debatable, I can’t help but imagine what another me would be doing right now – what profession she would have chosen, who  she may be married to, what interests she picked up, does she smile as often and as brightly as I do, does she dance in the rain and smile in spite of life.

I am left wondering what her favourite meal may be, what books she would have read and those she would love to read. What colour her personality is and what temperament she is.

Frankly, life is interesting and full of ups and downs, but then how we deal with these changes matters, I also wonder if the other knows this.

Do you believe there is a possibility of you being alive somewhere else, perhaps another planet, a universe or another place other than here?

If It were true, what do you think the other you would be doing now?