Dear Generation Woke

One of the super powers we have to develop and desire as a generation, both blessed and cursed with social media should desire to have, own or possess is THE ABILITY TO DETEST, HATE, FIGHT OR USE DEMEANING WORDS AGAINST ANOTHER BASED ON OUR OWN REASONS, FINDINGS AND ENCOUNTERS.

We are a generation that loves “mob action” as much as the sun loves to shine. 

We draw out swords, pens, keypads, keyboards and all sorts of weapons when we hear “ole” like Lagosians on Ketu bridge.

We are a generation that joins in on battles just because they are trending and we MUST say something, else we won’t be called “WOKE”. Sometimes, choose to sleep.

We are generation that FOMO ( FEAR OF MISSING OUT) has pushed us into joining lynching exercises organized or started by someone we call friend, even family, which eventually we go back to our homes, hitting our heads on the wall, regretting why we even joined the bandwagon of ” lynch-fest”. We ARE ADULTS, I believe, and we should be able to make decisions based on our own discoveries, experiences and encounters.

Let social media not became a reason why you become a byword and one without an individual voice.

Choose to sue, crucify, lynch, and fry people BASED on YOUR OWN TERMS, not the terms of another.

I understand the need to be loyal, but sometimes shove the loyalty into your own ears, and hear it telling you to be wise.

I understand the need to help a friend fight a battle; there are others ways to help. Find a better way that does not go contrary to your principles.

Did I mention it earlier?

Then build discipline and stamina to stand by your principles, it may be difficult sometimes, but difficult isn’t always bad.


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Maureen Alikor

Maureen is a writer, a creative thinker and with her own thoughts, ideas and decisions. She shares her thoughts here believing someone somewhere will learn one or two things from her and also become a better human. She loves love. A wide reader + book collector and a smiling queen,

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