Love Hands

photo credit: google

Nights like this, I count my many blessings

you are on every number
every page, every dusk
I smile, knowing you are gold
one I stumbled upon,
albeit intentionally
This storm you raise in me
has come to stay, and I wake up daily
Swimming in the tides, swaying alongside the waves

Emperor, I sit legs crossed
like my fingers, for conviction
I know this, like the smile on my face, is bliss
You are of all love songs
enchanted lyrics, mesmerising lines
And words alive
You are in all the flowers, fresh
Natural and beautiful,
Still plucking you is foolish,
I’d rather own the garden
Today, like yesterday, say I love you
But yesterday can swear, it’s not known love this strong
So intense, free and wild like the cowboys from the wild wild west
Tsk!!! Yesterday says in envy,
For it wishes it was today,
Yet, sure tomorrow would be greater
Like old wine, you taste better
Your value, rising
And your worth, steadily inflated
Dear, you,
key to my fair heart,
Today you are in every wind, every word and every smile
I laugh, knowing I got one who got me,
I smile, knowing this journey, none fits better
I sleep, knowing you’re here though there
And one-day sheets would cry out in envy,
For inseparable we shall be;
no gaps
no hiatus
no rift
just us, entangled in this love affair
For a king, you
and the queen, me