Mace Stolen or Hijacked in Nigerian Senate

Mace stolen from Nigerian National Assembly

This isn’t the first time Nigerian is in the news for shameless behaviour and the news of a mace stolen from an assembly; a couple of years ago, it was in Rivers State and now in the nation’s National Assembly.

It’s  pathetic that we voted in humans who have no reason to be in government.

It’s a shame that fathers, husbands, and adults who should be at the helm of decision making have reduced themselves to such shameless and mediocre  state.

Did i say reduce? They are actually shameless and mediocre. 

Whatever the disagreement may have been, it’s totally wrong and a national shame for the entire citizen of Nigeria. The world looks on us and jeers. They drag our name already in the mud in muddy muddier mud ( forgive my grammar).

This is a fruit of our electoral madness and backwardness. People voting in incapable humans into positions of power. 

This also goes a long way to show the mindset of an average Nigerian, and the yardstick they employ when voting in persons.

Ohhhhh, I’m also not forgetting the ones who allow themselves be used as political thugs and miscreants.


Elections are around the corner, we shall be tested once again, and the result of our decision will be publicised.


Vote wisely. You can vote if you have your PVC (Permanent Voter’s Card)

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Maureen Alikor

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2 Responses

  1. Toby says:

    Cry the beloved Nation

  2. Indeed we ought to wake up each day and weep anew for our beloved nation.

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