Dear Natural Hair Sisters,

It’s with a heart filled with excitement that I tender my resignation from the sisterhood.
Don’t judge me yet, let me hexplain.

See I tried to save the hair without letting her have that romance with relaxer and it wasn’t easy.
My hair is THICK like Yoruba and Kalabari women put together.
My hair is full like a bag full of garri and another filled with brown honey bean also called ‘ewa loýin’.

I was asked to use banana and other condiments which at various times included honey, raw eggs, shea butter, hair mayonnaise, coconut oil, olive oil, and oh even weed.

I also used coffee. Friends and family, my hair was healthier than I was. I became jealous.

WHILE they kept saying my hair was 4c, I knew c was too small for the texture, it had to be 4q.

I cried each time I combed the hair after a one day comb break.
I learnt how to deta ngle with my hand, whosai.

To make it less painful sometimes, I rubbed oil, bhet, e no werk.

Today, dear sisters and brothers of the cross, I walked in to the saloon, with my relaxer.

They saw my hair and were all praises, ‘your hair is fine‘, ‘the texture is best for natural’.

I shot them the ‘you don’t know the torture I’ve been on for months’ and asked one named Esther to disvirgin or deflower my hair, I don’t care.

She did. Now I am free… but trust my hair, even the blow drying was a battle, as my hair is as stubborn as I have been for most parts of my life.

How do you sisters cope?
Share with sisters still battling with their hair, amen? Amen.