Dear Emperor,

How has your bachelorhood come along? I hope you are counting down to quitting that pseudo-torture you have been in for a long time. I mean this in a good way though.

Mine, today is mother’s day and they were calling me prospective mother, the thing was not sweet in my ears at all and the nothing in my belly jingled and you are to blame. If you had agreed to come and be husband and father, we would haveĀ been singing a different song.

Ife, my peppered sauce, my vanilla milkshake, my sugarcane dipped in chocolate spread, my padi, my one and only Yoruba angel, and my boo of laive, I LOVE YOU, EFFORTLESSLY.

You are one secure young man of this generation I came to know, meet and love.
You are supportive. Finding every single opportunity to be the awesome person you are.
You are a man after God’s heart, and He sure blessed me with a gift as rare as you. And of course blessed you with me.

You are a blend of everything beautiful, handsome and your heart is golden and large, I pray for you always. I pray that your days be long and be filled with purposeful feats and achievements.

I pray that you make a huge impact on heart and may your name never be forgotten, and may be written were brave, strong and world changing men’s names are written.
I pray that you shine bright.
I pray that you touch lives and help millions touch more lives as each and everyone of them would find their purpose on earth.

Dearest Beloved, you are loved. You are cherished. And adored.

You is rare.
You is kind.
You is lovely.
You is royal.
You is the best.


Yours Always


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Maureen Alikor

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