Dear Natural Hair Sisters 3

Dear Natural Hair Sisters,

I am happy to write you again, this time I have good news.  The previous time on Facebook I wrote you, I complained about my hair and how thick it was and how I fell by the wayside and went to defy the hair by adding chemicals called relaxer. 

I was happy and I can say blessed when you all proffered your condolences and also steps on how I can best proceed and I captured it HERE

My hair has always been my hair, a few days after my visit to the saloon, she has gone back to her natural state…

For starters, I have tried plaiting the hair to stretch it out, 

Dear sisters, following the advice of many naturalistas like Boma Ogolo I have decided to transition.

I have embraced YOUTUBE as the only TV I will watch, I will visit websites and Instagram for more tutorials, please recommend youtube channels and Instagram handles or websites I should subscribe to and follow.

I am a jolly good fellow and I am a fast learner and as I embark on this journey, I will be needing all the help along the way.

Thank you in advance as we begin this journey.

Till we meet again next time. Thank you, sisters.

Please share your natural hair tips or your hair journey with us.


Maureen Alikor

Maureen is a writer, a creative thinker and with her own thoughts, ideas and decisions. She shares her thoughts here believing someone somewhere will learn one or two things from her and also become a better human. She loves love. A wide reader + book collector and a smiling queen,

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