With the latest song released by Falz, the bahd guy  “This is Nigeria”, he sang of the many problems citizens of Nigeria face. The song was originally done by Childish Gambino titled “This is America”. (the links are below)
HERE is my version of the song
“This is Facebook”
– A song inspired by Childish Gambino first, and Falz the bahd guy afterwards
This (here) is Facebook
Home of the free
Children whose parents would lock them all up
Can come here all wild
They be slaves to their freedom
This (here) is Facebook
Home of the thieves
You making one post
You be seeing it later
By 6 million ghosts
This (here) is Facebook
Home of the scams
If you follow this link
You could purchase a Range
For one hundred k
This (here) is Facebook
Home of the demons
They be rolling the dice
With poor ladies’ hearts
And telling more lies
Than Lucifer before the snake’s four long legs were cursed off by God
This (here) is Facebook
Home of the laughs
But making a joke is like
Watching a pedophile teach nursery school kids
Cause you don’t know how to explain it and somebody’s always gon’ be butt hurt
This (here) is Facebook
Home of the trolls
If you talk intelligently
You must be out of your mind
If you have a mind of your own
Nobody pays you any mind
This (here) is Facebook
Life is a contest
If you buy a new gadget
Post a new picture
Get your friends jealous
It don’t matter if you ain’t even eaten in days
This (here) is Facebook
Your worth is in likes
If you got only 20 in 24 hours
Your ass is a pauper
Let’s buy you a casket.
This (here) is Facebook
Everything trends
And we all are innocent
Nobody sins,
In fact they owe you a pair of wings up there in heaven.
This (here) is Facebook
Home of the woke
You must know everything
Explain everything
If I cover one eye
I must be illuminati
This (here) is Facebook
Home of the wars
Atheists vs Theists, Jollof vs Fried rice and Dick versus Pussy
This (here) is Facebook
Home of Intellectuals
They tell you education is key, but they keep changing the padlocks
And you’re not even wiser
This (here) is Facebook
Y’all do not know it
But y’all in the Imbecile Olympics
And even if you win, you’re still an …. fill in the gaps
This (here) is Facebook
Home of the addicts
You seek Release from Reality
But get Naegleria Fowleri
Some people will NOT google that but comment ‘gbam’ on this post
Naegleria Fowleri
This (here) is Facebook
Home of the five
Five Wise virgins, Five percent premium
I see you and hit love
Boy, am I glad
I’m not the last of my species…
This here is Facebook
Some people won’t read this
Some people can’t read this
Shiiii it’s too long
Shiiii it’s too long, man
This here is Facebook.
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