do it for the people who want to see you fail is negative motivation

This is a negative motivation

Dear Generation Woke, I have seen a lot of madness on social media, especially from my facebook timeline

I have come again after the previous post I made on “Wokeness’,

When I see write-ups like this in the image, I shake my head, because I’ve just seen one more person who has a wrong motive for doing stuff.

If you focus so much on negative energy, trust me you’d be drained.
If the people who you’re expecting to impress are beneath you. Sorry.

One of the issues of this generation is FOMO.
Fear Of Missing Out.


And it makes soooooo many people jump in on trends they should not be on.
Little wonder they would do, buy and own stuff they have no need for.

And this focus on haters, enemies, and frienemies is another one that astounds me.

So you know, some of those you call haters live in your head only.
They are a figment of your low self-esteem. They are too busy with their lives fo hate on you Why should they hate you?

After a careful study, I can boldly say that too many humans are too concerned about what other people are saying about them and once in a while, as they live, they pause, look around, either seeking applause or seeking validation and sadly so, they have these expectations of people who either are too busy with their own lives or just too impatient and angered to say anything nice about another person.

I understand, there is a place for ensuring that you are not running offtrack, but then the balance is needed.

Dear friend, take a look at your life, ask your self these two questions:

  1. What is the motivation behind your hard work?
  2. What is the purpose of your wealth, your success, and all your riches?

Don’t be guided by negative motivation.

Dear friend…be motivated and inspired by positivity and negativity will be far from you. Amen.

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