Helena Nelson

Helena Nelson

  1. Who is the most important person in your life? And why?

I would say, my mum. She is the reason I want to make so much money in this life sha.

  1. What’s the distinct thing about you and about what you do?

My voice. There is really nothing distinctive about what I do. The only thing that sets me apart is that I am usually very detailed. I dot my I’s and cross my T’s.

  1. We believe everyone has an “against all odds situation”, if you do, please share yours with us? 

My being alive and well today is against all odds.

  1. Can Nigeria be better?

Maybe not now. But hopefully soon.

  1. What are some steps that need to be taken to truly make Nigeria better?

People need to realize that the fault is not in the government or our leaders. We need to do better as humans first.

  1. Of all the presidential aspirant, which do you think can take Nigeria to greater heights?

I can’t really tell. It’s not about the campaigns or promises. It is about their deeds so we might have to wait for that.

  1. What are some untapped areas in Nigeria you wish we can grow, explore and develop?

Funny, but I think agriculture will push this nation farther than even entertainment has done.

  1. Tell us about acting. What Inspired you to venture into acting? Because I can’t be anything else. I’m not trying to say I’m completely useless without acting because I’m multi talented. Apart from acting I do professional voice overs, I subtitle/translate, I sometimes produce TV shows. I just feel that this is something I can use to bridge gaps, heal people, send messages across.

It wasn’t really an inspiration. I always knew I’d end up in acting sooner than later. I was a very dramatic child. I still am.

  1. Tell us about the Diana and your role in Shuga? 

Diana is a girl with lots of insecurities who needs validation from friends, older boyfriends etc. He relationship with her doesn’t really cut it.


  1. What’s that one thing you want from life?

To be relevant. Successful. Against all odds.

  1. Tell us about one “ahaa” or “eureka” moment you’ve experienced in life.

None yet

  1. What is your most cherished possession?

My phone

  1. Who is that one person you admire from afar but haven’t told them? Please tell them here and tell them what you admire most about them


  1. Between your phone and your palmwine, choose one

This is hard. I don’t joke with Palmy o. Mehn… Okay, phone. 😏

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