I saw a tweet thread on twitter and I chose this particular one to trash, although the thread was a sarcastic one, I chose just one part of the tweet to tackle.

it is a very very very relevant topic.

“NEVER EVER introduce your man to your other FEMALE FRIENDS no matter the level of closeness you feel like you’ve achieved with her, no matter the trust! Set your boundaries that your man is a no go zone. Because my dears these girls are wild!!”

Now here is my opinion.

If you have to hide your TRUSTED man from YOUR TRUSTED FRIENDS, then you also need to reevaluate your friend selection and even your man selection process/procedures.

It shows you are choosing people based on unhealthy standards. And you also need to check yourself.

You should also watch what values & personal principles you have because they guided and guarded your choice of a man.

If you also have to tie a rope around the man to ensure he doesn’t get snatched by your female friends and sisters, then don’t you think you should let the man go, he sure still needs to work on his personal discipline, his values and his personal convictions.

You also need to check yourself.

I am not disputing the fact that there have been people who have been “snatched” from people, that is an indication that something was amiss.

What do you think?

#BoltnHinges #Plaintruthswithmaureen


Maureen Alikor

I am Maureen Alikor, a creative thinker, a writer, an advocate for love and purposeful living. I believe the pen has a role to play in promoting social change; an activist lending my voice and my experiences towards putting an end to rape and sexual abuse in the world. What are you living for?

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