Before you went to buy your mobile phone, I am confident you knew what you wanted the phone to do for you.

For some, it is phone calls, for others, it is for browsing the internet, for some, it is for music and for some, it is solely to be a trophy.

This rule applies to vitally every area of life. To humans, to inanimate objects, to trees, to mosquitoes, to flies, to cockroaches etc.

That being said, it has been established that everything IS because IT IS for a reason, and IS AN ANSWER to an EARTHLY NEED. That means even you, the super awesome person behind this keypad reading this is because a need was available that ONLY YOU could meet, solve or end. 

And you were created for this assignment.

All you need for this assignment is encoded in you. You are created for it with the answers, the personalities, the hunger, the creativity and even the experiences geared towards arming you to meeting those needs.

These needs we have to meet are part of what forms our purpose. That means, as humans we are created to live a life geared towards fulfilling our purpose.

I say, PURPOSE IS THE FUEL FOR YOUR HUMAN ACTION, because it helps you understand why you are who are you, how you do what you do, why you act the way you are do and even why one thing angers and frustrates you here on earth.

When I say, PURPOSE IS THE BEGINNING OF THINGS, I am saying that without purpose, abuse is inevitable.

Without an understanding of the purpose of a thing, we are bound to abuse, misuse and underuse it.

Knowing why you have a pen helps you use it well.
Knowing why you are chasing after riches helps you manage and deploy it well.

In the journey of purpose, there are three levels.

1. Purpose Discovery: Here you discover your purpose.

2. Purpose Development: Here you begin develop it, you begin fusing structure to how you intend to begin working at it.

3. Purpose Deployment: Here you begin enforcing and enacting the structures and strategies you have developed.

There are benefits to finding, developing and living according to purpose. I’d discus them next week.
It is my desire and prayer that you live a purposeful life. Amen.