I believe that majority of the parents who enrol their children and wards for summer classes do so to abscond from the responsibilities of parenthood.
Schools have vacated and students are supposed to be on “HOLIDAYS”, resting from various forms of academic work and also bonding with the various members of the family, but hell no, we have devised a new pattern of pushing the children away from the house into more academic learning and we have nicknamed it “SUMMER SCHOOL or CLASSES”.

Whilst I have my issue with the nomenclature given that in Nigeria, summer is not one of the two seasons we have, but somehow just as we always do, it has come to stay.
FAMILY is one of the most important institutions, if not the most important institutions we have. Every one of us belongs to a family, whether visible or not, whether present or not. Try as we can to ignore this truth, there is an important if not most important role the family plays in the development of a child, but it seems we have relegated this role to the school and teachers in said schools.

It begins when babies of 3 months are sent off to dayccentcentres so mothers can return to work and then reunite with their mothers towards the close of the day at 4pm.
And continues when at 24 months, the children have to be sent off to school as early as 6AM and sometimes not returning home till 6pm to a house where the parents are visibly absent, because they have to work, only to return at 10pm when the children have slept. The circle continues all through the week.

And before you know it, schools vacate and because work knows no holiday save for public holidays which are often not public enough for some employers and employees have to do what they were employed to do: work their asses off, the children are sent off to summer classes.

Fast forward and the children are sent off to the university campusill-preparedared for life. Yet, we wonder why decadence is on the increase.

There are many reasons that have been given as regards the importance of summer classes.

*Some parents and guardians say skills are important and they require their children and wards to gain skills.

*Some say it is to assist and improve the academic performance of their children/wards.
And majority says, so they the parents and guardians can keep working to provide for the needs of their children.

*And somesa, they need to gather all the rest they can before another work week falls on them.

If we claim we send the children off to summer classes or holiday classes whatever we call it, because their being at home constitutes nuisance and gives rise to disturbance that we are not willing as parents to condone and stomach, doesn’t that show that we may have spared the rod way too much that we can no longer control our own offspring.

OH, how could I have forgotten that you sent them off to school without instilling in them the basic values needed in the formative years of their lives?

And yes, the school does their part in grooming them, but do not forget that EVERY family should have their INDIVIDUAL CODE OF CONDUCT and VALUE SYSTEM and LIFE PRINCIPLES they hold dear and live by.

Plus, we shouldn’t also forget that whilst formal education is good, the place of informal education which begins at home by parents, uncles, aunts, siblings and grandparents cannot be overemphasized.

What do you think of summer school or summer classes?