Why are you celibateMy attention was drawn to this matter based on recent happenings and news headlines on social media. Not to mention names, but I read rant posts and tweets of people MAINLY ladies questioning an adult’s choice on why they cut short their celibacy vow and got pregnant.


While I am no moral judge, this post is seeking to address an underlying issue hiding beneath some of the posts and tweets I saw and still see on social media. I actually believe it is a cry for help from these girls who think or believe their mentors betrayed their trust.


Majority of the girls were happy for her but still nursed slight anger within them towards the said ex-celibacy advocate not because she ended her personal celibacy journey, but because in their own words she led them into this celibacy thing and left them there.

I may be wrong, but I believe a majority of the people who took the vow of celibacy did so when their role model announced she did.

I am also quite certain that many of the young ladies didn’t have a personal reason why they should take either the vow of abstinence or celibacy, but because it was a trendy thing to do, they jumped in on it (talk about the internet and blind discipleship)

Choosing to be celibate or deciding to abstain from sex until marriage (or for some time) is a good and honourable venture for people who KNOW WHY they choose to live that way.

As a young girl (or boy), there are reasons why people decide to be celibate. Do you know those reasons?

There are several other reasons why some others decide to abstain from sex until marriage. YEAH. I believe knowing the “WHY” of a decision helps you guide against frustration and these feeling of betrayal you feel. Las las, you are doing it for you, not them. Neither are they doing theirs for you, but for themselves.

Just because someone broke their vow doesn’t mean you should. Else you get frustrated by their action, break your own vow and go on a sex-spree.

Deciding on celibacy, choosing to abstain from sex until marriage is a personal decision born out of convictions & value system.

Don’t jump onto a trend just because it is trendy:

  • Knowing what it is.
  • Knowing it is a personal journey
  • Deciding and choosing to be in on it.
  • Not getting offended when a human is a human.


Celibacy according to Wikipedia is the state of voluntarily being unmarried, sexually abstinent, or both, usually for religious reasons

Abstinence is abstaining from some or all aspects of sexual activity, often for some limited period of time.

I ask again, why are you celibate?