Pictures from Ake-NnyinThe Port Harcourt Literary Society in partnership with Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort, Uyo who with widespread arms welcomed us into their serene environment as the Maiden edition of Ake-Nnyin, an event that brought LITERATURE, SPORTS and CULTURE together. These are three facets of the society that foster community interaction, recreational experiences and intellectual stimulation.

The epoch-making event had in attendance various dignitaries and awesome personalities from various states in Nigeria: Rivers, Cross River, Lagos, Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, and many other states.

Pictures from Ake-Nnyin

The event began on Friday 19th October 2018 with beautiful music from one of the best music band in Uyo. Then on we transitioned into the poetry performances by a host of spoken word poets which includes but not limited to Akaninyere, Fragile, Chioma, Boma, Graciano, Moje, Irra and Emmagination, the winner of the online poetry contest.

Chijioke Amu-Nnadi in Ake-NnyinThe resident poet of the Port Harcourt Literary Society, Chijioke Amu-Nnadi welcomed everyone to the event, thanking the Resort for their partnership. He like everyone present was excited about Ake-Nnyin.

August Chuks in Ake-Nnyin

The back and forth transition into music was solemn and introspective as August Chuks, one of Port Harcourt’s, I dare say Nigerian’s finest artistes thrilled the audience with his thoroughly thought-out lyrics and calculated rhythms.

WALTER SAX in Ake-NnyinThe switch into jazz by Walter Sax was lit and spectacular. The mastery of his musical instrument serenaded the atmosphere as he took us through contemporary music.

More performances were called up and everyone gave their best as the audience savoured all of its beauty.

Ake-NnyinThe evening was also a reunion for many friends within the literary community who had never seen each other face to face and those who had last seen each other eons ago. Ake-Nnyin



And more meetups and laughter.



The highlight of the evening was the cultural performances of two of literature’s finest poets.

Iquo Diana-Abasi in Ake-Nnyin1. Iquo Diana-Abasi and the cultural troupe from Uyo. Her poetry was calm, other time energetic and addressing societal topics.



Iquo Diana-Abasi in Ake-NnyinThe cultural troupe danced and moved with so much gusto you were tempted to join them: I DID. I picked up new cultural dance moves.



Amarachi Attamah in Ake-NnyinThe performance of Amarachi Attamah is always graceful, elegant and energetic as she performed her poems in her Eastern dialect. Her custom always catches me, I hope to have one made for me in the nearest future.



Day one came to a gradual end as ITEM 7 was served. Ake-Nnyin








Winner of the tennis tournament at Ake-NnyinAs part of the festival, there was a tennis tournament as members of the Port Harcourt Tennis Club and players from Uyo engaged in a friendly tennis contest.




Winners emerged, our resident poet, a member of the club was one of those who won prizes albeit from behind, cheerfully.



Chess at Ake-NnyinThe Picnic was hampered by the weather but we soon found other interests as we played games. Chess, Scrabble, Ayo and of course Draft.Games at Ake-Nnyin



Then post-event interactions followed suit as we all gathered like one big family in an interactive session on Ake-Nnyin went and also commented on what next steps to take to ensure a great and better Ake-Nnyin in the coming years.

WE BID OURSELVES FAREWELL pending when Ake-Nnyin 2.0 will be announced.

In all, it was a beautiful event and one that would remain fresh in the hearts of everyone who attended.


The Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort is somewhere that has left an indelible mark in my heart and I am positive I will return, just to be one with nature, with the calm that is Ibom Resort.


The Tennis Tournament Crew

The Tennis Tournament Crew

The picture with world's finest people at Ake-Nnyim, there are more of them oooooo

The picture with world’s finest people at Ake-Nnyim, there are more of them oooooo


A picture they say tells a million stories. Ake-Nnyin

A picture they say tells a million stories. Ake-Nnyin 

Beautiful People, Beautiful hearts

Beautiful People, Beautiful hearts

Beautiful People, Beautiful hearts

Beautiful People, Beautiful hearts  

Beautiful People, Beautiful hearts

Beautiful People, Beautiful hearts

Beautiful People, Beautiful hearts