The phrase “we are Africans” is a scam; one we often hear from various people who at different times have but one intention, to scam you.

These persons usually employ this phrase when involved in an argument and when trying to sway your opinion.

When you hear “we are Africans”, ensure it passes through the Maureen Alikor litmus test for authenticity, otherwise called the MALTA

Test it for Manipulative Devices.

Test it for Bullying Mechanics.

Test it for Subversion Technique.

Test it for Swindling Artistry.

Test it for Mediocrity.

Test it for a Self-defeating mantra.

Test for Blind loyalty.

Test for worn-out traditions and culture.

Test for the subjugation of your human rights.

  So next time, someone unpacks his or her “We are Africans” starter-pack, be guided. Remember MALTA.

If you are African or not and someone has pulled the “we are Africans” stunt on you, what was the scenario, I would love to know.

Mine was when a landlord tried to dissuade from renting his apartment because I am a single African lady who by culture should not live alone else people would assume I am a prostitute, but I am to move from my parent’s house straight to my husband’s house.